Tom Radmacher

Vice President & Co-Owner

Tom is a Vice President and Co-Owner at RBE. Together with his brother Robert, they founded the company in the 1980s right out of high school. While the types of projects RBE takes on today have progressed significantly since the 80s, Tom has played a crucial role in ensuring the values they began with remain at the forefront of how they do business, and that the dedication everyone at RBE puts forth to get the job done safely and efficiently never wavers. In 2018, Tom decided to pass the torch on to his son, Ryan — effectively stepping down from oversight of all field operations. Tom now spends the vast majority of his time managing operations at AA Quarry. He has set a powerful precedent on how to be an effective and dependable leader in the field, and he continues to be an invaluable resource to everyone at RBE. Tom is an active member of St. Bridget Catholic Church and enjoys spending time at the Lake of the Ozarks with his family.

Tom Radmacher headshot